So I had the BIGGEST revelation this morning in my soul work and I really feel this was amplified by the full moon eclipse energies that are out there.

I was finally shown answers to a question I have been asking about for a long time, something that has affected my life for over ten years and now finally it all makes sense to me.

Most of our unconscious beliefs or wounds can show up in our lives as addictive patterns and behaviors and I have some I have struggled with it for ages. I am just in total amazement as I can’t believe that I have been shown where they stem from and what they mean, my mind is so blown and I am so grateful that I can now start the healing process.

We all have these shadows parts of ourselves, some can be obvious where they stem from and some are so deeply hidden that it really takes dedication to this work to uncover the root of them. I think to be able to completely annihilate addictive behaviors, it’s important to get to the cause and correlation so that you may be free from it forever instead of going for a quick fix like hypnotherapy for example where you are not dealing with the cause, it’s like going to a doctor for a illness and them giving you a prescription, the illness may go away temporarily but it’s a band aid, it’s not looking at what is causing the illness or symptom.

This revelation is just life changing for me, I have been asking for this answer for such a long time and when it was revealed to me I had such a huge shift and release as I cried, I know this full moon eclipse has helped bring this about, it was time for me to uncover this so that I can shift more quickly on my path and move forward, understanding the real cause of my issues is only the first step to healing them, now I have to get to work so that I can now break these patterns and replace them with new and healthy ones.

Last night I released a lot of fears and stuff that has been holding me back under the full moon and I asked for help and boy did I get it. It’s not too late to work with these energies as they are amplified a few days leading up to and after the event.

I am so excited to be able to guide women through this work on our retreat, it has the ability to transform your world, we always start with our inner world and then you watch as your outer world magically starts transforming around you as a flow on effect.

If you are ready to start repairing your connection with yourself we would love for you to join us at our Spring Sparkle Retreat.

With love always

Caryn xx

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