Healthy food is always on the menu at @_soulsparkle_ workshops and retreats. We believe that food is our medicine and that if we want to raise our vibration and therefore enhance our lives, we need to nourish our bodies with as many clean and pure foods as we can.

Our menus are vegetarian and vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free and free from refined sugars, but they are absolutely delicious and you won’t believe that what you are eating is ACTUALLY good for you.

Eating well is just another form of self love and self respect, when we take the time to eat well and eat mindfully we harness our life force energy. Studies have shown that eating a diet that is heavy in plant food can slow down the aging process, make you less bloated, give you more energy and clarity, improve moods and make your skin glow, it’s all a part of our holistic approach to health and wellness.

Our menus are designed by a qualified nutritionist so you know that you are in good hands, we have the most incredible menu planned for all the women on our Spring Sparkle Retreat, including this delectable raw strawberry mousse cake, yummmmm.

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