In this workshop I will speak about my story and journey to self love, then we will discuss what these words mean to us all.

We we will look at what self love is and what it isn’t, and I think you are going to be very surprised.

When we look at ways we have and havnt been loving ourselves and start to uncover unconscious patterning then it’s easy to start to change this, awareness is the first and most important step. Once we shine light onto our shadows we can really start to heal and change, this has been my experience first hand and it has absolutely changed my life.

Ive gone from dreaming and talking about things I wanted to do and achieve, to actually fulfillingĀ  and manifesting them. This is work that you DO, I am merely a guide who can show you what has worked for me. No one else can do this work for you, it takes a willingness to look deep within and to hear you stories and bullshit that you have probably been telling yourself for years. But once we uncover these stories we dont dwell on them, all we need to do is bring them into the conscious so we may release and heal them.

There are so many promises of quick fixes out there from healers to the latest diets out there, I know as i spent years and years of my life paying healers and trying every quick fix ever invented, BUT I am telling you THIS work is so amazing and real and you dont need to rely on anyone but yourself. You learn to connect to your higher self, the part of you who always has all the answers, you can start to strengthen this connection and grow it so that you can always rely it in your life. Feeling so worthy of love and knowing that you are love is a inside job, you have probably heard this before as had I and I thought I understood it and was all over it, but I had it all wrong. Now I understand so much more and my connection to self is so incredible, I have come so far on my self love journey and this work is so important to me to be able to share with other women who want so much more for themselves.

Knowing YOU are taking control back of your life and that you are fully responsible for it is truly empowering, watching your life change around you after you start this work is nothing short of miraculous.

Love Caryn


Pic via martianamartian.

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