You will be taken on a journey throughout the retreat, unraveling blockages and starting to bring to the surface what is holding you back from being who you were born to be.

In our Soul Emergence work we guide you to connect to your higher self, it is through self inquiry we can start to get insights into why we often stand in our own way of happiness. A lot of the time women can feel a deep unconscious feeling of unworthiness. Once we start to uncover these subconscious blockages we can then start on the road to healing them.

No one else can heal your wounds or face your pain but YOU. We dont dwell where we find painful emotions or stories we simply acknowledge them so we may release them. This is powerful healing work, when we can tap into our own knowledge that is always available to us and strengthen our own connection to self, we stop relying on outside influences for guidance and advice.

This is my favourite work as I have had the most hugest shifts in my life from doing it, it is very rewarding for anyone who is willing and open to it, I am here to guide you, but ultimately it is you who will do the work. Watching the shifts around you after this work is nothing short of incredible.

We are here to experience pure joy, that is our natural state. We were not born to struggle through life and block ourselves off from our higher self, when we do this we experience anxiety, boredom, and stagnation.

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