So Tantra is about SEX but there is SO much more to it and I feel so passionate about sharing the teachings of Tantra in hope that it can create a new reputation for it, a cleaner lighter one.

In our Tantra women’s workshops we discuss the philosophy of TANTRA and explain how it is a way of living everyday and not just a sexual practice for the bedroom (although it is that too). .

Tantra is about harnessing our powerful sexual energy from our lower chakras and moving it into the heart where we can live a life based on authentic love for ourselves and humankind. It helps us connect to our higher self and to others on a deep level. .

We go over topics such as sacred sexuality and what it really means to share your body with another, we talk about the ancient jade egg practices and breast massage to move energy around our heart centers. We show you how to move the energy and tell you how you can use it to heal yourself and your body and also how it works in creating longer stronger orgasms and pelvic floor muscles.

This workshop is for every woman who wants to learn more about self-love and creating deeper connections with herself and everyone around her.

So excited to co facilitate this with the beautiful @chelseajoyyoga in our Spring Sparkle Retreat.


image credit @lamoufettemagnifique

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