I read something this morning that I KNOW to be true and it was a lovely reminder that I thought I would share .

“Don’t let your plans get in the way of the universes plans”

How often do we have a plan and we push so hard to force it and still nothing happens. It’s because the universe has other plans, plans you cannot see yet, plans wilder than your imagination and much bigger than you ever expected.

When we keep knocking on the same closed doors and aren’t getting anywhere it’s time to let go and hand that shit over to the universe.

Things always unfold exactly as they should, you can ask for guidance and then you let go and wait, go about your day, go about your life. It’s not about sitting on your ass doing nothing, it’s about trusting you will be called to action when you are needed. Redirect your focus onto something else after you let go and trust.

You will always receive guidance, it just may not be the way you had planned, we cannot control our lives as much as we think we can and it would just be boring if we didn’t leave room for faith and miracles. .

You never know what the universes plan could be for you and it could take you in a whole other direction than what you thought you had ‘planned’.

Co-creating your life is the best but the secret ingredient is always fierce trust.


image credit: Pintrest

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