Since Yalligup is sacred aboriginal land, I really wanted to include something to respect and acknowledge that in the retreat.

And I found the most amazing tour that we will all head out on the Sunday afternoon of retreat together. Koomal Dreaming provides an opportunity for visitors to experience Wadandi and Bibbulman country through the eyes of the traditional owners.

We will be taken on a focused, heart-opening 90 minute cultural tour with powerful Aboriginal learning’s. Enjoy a short guided bush-walk identifying traditional medicine plants and learning local Noongar knowledge about the region. Next, venture into Ngilgi Cave where the good spirit Ngilgi dwells to hear Josh relate the Dreaming legends with his unique way of storytelling.

Here, deep inside the Earth, Josh delivers a mesmerising didgeridoo performance in the stillness of the cave.

I also have a very special story relating to organising this tour that I will share with you all before we head out.


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